North-South Connector: Trail is planned to connect Lake Erie Metropark to the City of Detroit, generally following Jefferson Avenue and/or the Detroit Riverfront. The trail will traverse through 8 communities and provide a connection to Grosse Ile, Humbug Marsh, the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge, historic Elizabeth Park, John D. Dingell Park and Belanger Park. 16 Miles

HCMA East-West Connector: The trail provides a connection to the I-275 Bike Path, several Metroparks and communities. It generally follows Gibraltar, Woodruff and Old Fort Roads. Lower Huron, Willow, Oakwoods and Lake Erie Metroparks total more than 6000 acres and provide a variety or recreational opportunities. 24 Miles

Monroe/ Lake Erie Trails: Major systems include the Monroe River Walk which connects to paved trails in Sterling State Park. Trails are planned to connect the City of Monroe to the I-275 Trail, as well as to the northeast within former railroad and/or utility corridors. Local connectors with views and access to Lake Erie are also planned. 24 Miles

Detroit Heritage River Water Trail: The Detroit Heritage River Water Trail meanders through the rich natural and cultural history of the Detroit, Huron, Rouge and Raisin Rivers and offers new opportunities for canoeing and kayaking. The area's abundant natural beauty and rich resources include the jewel of the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge, Humbug Marsh and Island. 110 Miles

Rouge Gateway Greenway / Hines Drive: The paved trail currently leads from the Hines Drive Trail System, through the campuses of Henry Ford Community College and University of Michigan-Dearborn, including parts of Wayne County and the City of Dearborn. The Hines Parkway trail system traverses from 7 Mile Road to Ford Road along the Middle Rouge River and Hines Drive. 27 Miles

I-275 Trail System: Built in the mid-1970's, within the I-275 right-of-way, the trail connects Oakland, Wayne and Monroe Counties with links to Willow, Lower Huron and Oakwoods Metroparks, Wayne County's Hines Drive as well as local communities, businesses and schools. 42 Miles