Six Green Plumbing Ideas

Save You Money

What Is Green Plumbing?

The phrase green plumbing means catching all the items that help save water. There are many green plumbing initiatives that you can apply. For instance, low-flow fixtures, tankless water heaters, etc. Let’s discuss the details here.


Integrating Green Plumbing Into Your Home Design


  1. Solar Power Hot Water System

A solar power hot water system is an excellent example of green plumbing. If you use solar power, you can heat water by using solar technology. This saves your electricity bill greatly.


  1. Rainwater Tanks

You can use rainwater tanks next to your house, usually large containers. This collects rainwater which falls from the roof and reaches the tanks through downpipes. This is one of the practical ways of harvesting using rainwater through intelligent drainage systems.


You will need a qualified emergency plumber houston to fix a rainwater tank. If you want to do it DIY, this may cause damage. However, rainwater is also a resource for your garden as well. This helps save water, as well as electricity bills.


  1. Proper Piping

When it comes to green plumbing, then proper piping comes to mind. That means regular maintenance of the pipes will reduce the issue of leaky pipes and so on. In addition, you can insulate the pipe, which will help save water.


  1. Tankless Water Heater

You can use a tankless water heater to reduce the wastage of water. Usually, we use the tape until we get warm water which is massive water wastage. So when you start using the tankless water heater, this will save your energy bill and reduce water wastage.


  1. Water Sensor Homes

Nowadays, you can find water sensor home fixtures that help save water. After installing the sensor, it will notify you if it detects any water leakage or if the pipe is damaged.


  1. Purchase New Home Appliances

If you have used the dishwasher or washing machine for more than ten years, you should consider upgrading them. That’s because researchers found that old appliances are also responsible for water wastage.


On the other hand, new appliances use less water which is incredible. And this will help you save water, and reduce the electricity bills incredibly.


  1. Low-Flow Fixtures

By using low-flow fixtures at your home, you can also go for green plumbing. The low-flow fixtures are usually slightly expensive, but if you think about the long-term result, you would understand the investment would be worth it.


If you want a green plumbing system, consider the low-flow fixtures for your home.


  1. High-efficiency Faucet

The bathroom fixture you are using is another main reason for water wastage. Do you ever notice how much water you use while washing your hands or during a shower? Or, when brushing your teeth, how much water do you waste?


That is where a high-efficient faucet comes in handy. You can go for an efficient faucet like touch faucets that will help you save water. That’s because the faucet will flow water only when it gets your touch.


Hopefully, you understand how to interrogate your home with green plumbing. If you want to save water and reduce electricity bills, go for your home’s green plumbing.